Dan Quan

Software Engineer @ Braintree Payments.

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Who are you, and what do you do

Hello! I’m Dan, and I’m a software developer at Braintree Payments. At work, I write mostly Ruby and Java. For fun, lately, I’ve mostly been learning and writing Go. I work remotely from San Diego, CA.

Aside from programming, I’m a photographer (mostly landscapes) and BBQ enthusiast. I’m also a dog dad to Bear.

Before becoming a developer, I went to law school and spent a brief period of my life as a police officer.

What hardware do you use


For work, I use a 13” Macbook Pro, which is mostly SSH/VNC-ed into a more beefy AWS instance for actual work.™

My personal laptop is a 2018 15” Macbook Pro (i9) with 32GB of RAM. It’s a recent upgrade, and it’s turning out to be an amazing purchase.

I use both of these laptops with a BlackMagic eGPU hooked up to a 34” Dell curved monitor. My keyboard is an ErgoDox EZ with Cherry Browns.

I also use a 10.5 iPad Pro regularly.


It’s a great time to be a photographer, as there’s a camera out there for whatever you prioritize. For me, tactile feel of a camera is more important than specs. I primarily use two cameras:

  • Leica Q
  • Fuji XT-2

Both of these cameras are joys to use, and both of them perform really well in almost every measure.


I use my smoker/grill at least once a week, so it has to cook at a consistent temperature and be convenient to operate. I use a Camp Chef Wood Pellet Smoker with the sear box accessory, and it’s amazing. I also have a Pit Barrel Smoker and a Weber Charcoal Grill, but I primarily use Wood Pellet Smoker.

I also love my fireboard; it’s so nice to collect data on every cook, and set temperature alarms that go straight to my phone.


  • I use Unifi equipment for networking.
  • I host things on an Intel Nuc.
  • I use a Synology DS918+ coupled with an expansion unit.

And what software

I write code in VSCode and Vim, or Intellij for Java projects. I use iTerm2, the fish shell, and tmux regularly.

I keep my life organized with Things and Fantastical.

I organize photos in Apple Photos; when I need more control over edits, I turn to Affinity Photo. I stopped using Lightroom when Adobe released Lightroom CC and switched to a subscription model. For what I do, Apple Photos is great at organization and sharing between devices. Affinity Photo is an amazing photo editor.

What would be your dream setup

I’m pretty happy with every thing I use. I would love a 34” inch Retina Monitor.