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Home Lab, Part 2
Jun 28, 2018
One minute read

(Part 1 can be found here)

Okay, this post will be mainly about the hardware and setup of my Kubernetes cluster.

many computers wired together

Left to right:

  • My uninterruptible power source
  • An Intel NUC
  • My old mac mini
  • A Unifi 8 port switch
  • My Gaming PC (Running a kubernetes node in a VM) (It’s a Corsair One Pro)
  • My Synology NAS (A DS918+)

I set up my cluster using kubeadm, and it went pretty painless.

I’m using External Storage to provide provide persistent volumes and claims to Kubernetes from my NAS (using NFS). In practice, it works really well. Anytime I’m creating a Kubernetes Resource, I just need to ensure I use the right storageClass name, and magically I get persistent storage.

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