This post summarizes the technology stack behind As with most technology decisions, this will be subject to change in the future.

I use a dedicated virtual private server (VPS) hosted at Linode.

I use a self hosted WordPress on that server to run this site. I looked and experimented with these alternatives:
– I ran this site on squarespace for a long time, but wanted more control than it provided.
– I looked at Hugo, but I want to focus as much on images and photography as pure text.
– I looked at Ghost, but the 9 image limitation for galleries was a deal breaker.

I use nginx to expose the wordpress instance. Apache is the most common server, but I am more familiar with running nginx.

I rely on Cloudflare for DNS, caching, and overall performance optimization.

For writing and uploading to the blog, I use MarsEdit. Marsedit was also a reason I leaned towards using WordPress; having a good, local editor is important in my workflow for both writing and uploading images.